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Tell us what you need.
We're listening.

No single problem exists in isolation. At Leeverage Consulting, we uncover the fundamental factors that contribute to the problems, address it from a macro perspective and implement execution solutions.


It's not enough to simply target pain points. We help companies develop continuity and sustainability plans.

We can help you find the answers.

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Define and understand your objective.

What is your aspiration?   What is your next milestone?   How far do you want to take your business to? Are you thinking of expansion?   Do you have an exit strategy?

Business Meeting


Finding your voice in a crowded market

Competing in a digital environment

Developing an optimal business model

Value creation

Implementation of CSR

Business Growth


Extending your market reach

Barriers of entry to new markets

Expansion options and feasibility

Increasing cost efficiency



Business expansion opportunities

Automation and I.T

Business sustainability models

Capital fundraising

Where you are

We provide the expertise to address your company's needs.

We profile business owners, analyse business challenges and the competitive environment, identify blind spots and roadblocks to unlock and enhance capabilities.

Operational Level

  • Business transformation and modelling

  • Branding and communication strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Content generation and management

  • Digitalisation and automation solutions

  • Adoption of A.I. and machine learning

  • Regional market access

  • Legal framework and compliance solutions

  • Brand and product localisation

  • Sustainability framework

Capital Market

  • Capital fundraising

  • Investor networking

  • Wealth preservation and management

How we help

Solutions are powered by our robust process.

Our process enables us to perform a comprehensive study and understanding of the underlying issues and provide solutions that are not only effective in theory, but wholly feasible based on the capabilities and resources of your business. If it cannot be achieved, we will not recommend it.


Research, quantitative and qualitative, to pinpoint problem areas.


Diagnose to accurately and effectively identify factors impeding your goals.


Develop relevant and feasible strategies and action plans to generate results.


Implement changes, manage operational functions and gain access to resource networks.

The Process
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